Welcome to Voith Turbo Inc.

York (PA, USA), Sacramento (CA, USA), Cincinnati (OH, USA),
Houston (TX, USA)

Voith Turbo Inc. (VTI) is a member of the worldwide Voith group of companies headquartered in Heidenheim, Germany, and is a part of the Voith Turbo family.

Voith Turbo Inc. offices, York, PA, USA

With over 25,000 square feet of inventory and 36,000 square feet of workshop, Voith Turbo's three distribution centers in North America can quickly ship complete units and spare parts of a number of products, including DIWA automatic bus transmissions; light rail transmissions and axle drives; Scharfenberg automatic couplers; universal joints and Safeset torque limiting couplings; hydrostatic pumps; torque converters; and variable speed, fill controlled and constant fill fluid couplings.

For prompt response to your Voith Turbo needs, we offer the following:

Helpline: (717) 767 3200
Email: VTIServiceCenter@voith.com

Helpline: 1-888-244-2882
Email: VTI-Marine@voith.com

Helpline: 1-877-374-1339
Email: VTI-Roadservice@voith.com

Helpline: (717) 767 3200
Email: VTI-Rail@voith.com